Kiersten Humber

Fancy Assistant

I’m a USA based freelance Virtual Assistant, providing flexible support to entrepreneurs and leaders.
How I can help you

You don’t have time – but I do!
In 2023 there are more demands than ever on your time. I’d love to use my extensive experience and expertise to take care of the tasks that aren’t the best use of your time, including administration, organizing, writing, and more.

Why struggle to do everything yourself when I can take care of the things that get in your way, from sorting your expenses to making sure your blog is up-to-date?

An executive assistant, for a fraction of the cost
I can do everything an executive assistant would do, working from my fully equipped home office on a part-time and flexible basis. Because of this, I am able to provide you with comprehensive executive assistant support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time executive assistant.

I work through Fancy Freelancers
I offer my services through Fancy Freelancers one of the most established and highly-rated Virtual Assistant companies in the U.S. Fancy Freelancers chooses to only work with the top 2% of assistants in the U.S., so you can rest assured that my experience and quality of work are second-to-none.

My Skills

When you choose me as your Virtual Assistant you’ll gain access to many skills that I’ve built over years of experience. Here are my top five:

• Business Operations

• Management

• Social Media

• Email Management

• Admin Support

I’ve also developed a number of other skills including Content Writing, Virtual Assistant, Apple Numbers, Business Administration, Email Management, Executive Assistant, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides, iCal, Keynotes, MS EXCEL, MS Powerpoint, MS WORD, Office Administration, Outlook, Pages, Proofreading, Research, Schedule Management, Travel Arranging, and Typing.

About Me

My name is Kiersten Humber and I have been a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager since 2021. I have worked with clients of many different industries by managing operations, assisting with day-to-day tasks, creating social media graphics, scheduling posts, managing email campaigns and so much more!

Here are 5 reasons to hire a Fancy Assistant:

Professionalism and Brand Image

Hiring a fancy virtual assistant can enhance a company’s professional image and brand perception. A well-dressed, articulate, and sophisticated virtual assistant can create a positive first impression on clients and business partners, leading to increased trust and confidence in the company’s capabilities.

Complex Task Management
Fancy virtual assistants are often equipped with advanced organizational and multitasking skills. They can efficiently handle complex tasks, such as scheduling, travel arrangements, and project management, allowing business owners and executives to focus on more strategic aspects of their work.
Concierge Services
Beyond standard virtual assistant tasks, a fancy virtual assistant can offer premium concierge services, such as securing reservations at exclusive restaurants, obtaining coveted event tickets, or arranging luxury travel experiences.
VIP Client Management
For businesses that cater to high-net-worth clients or VIPs, a fancy virtual assistant can provide a premium level of service. These assistants are skilled in handling delicate and sensitive matters, ensuring that VIP clients receive personalized attention and feel valued.
Social Media Influence and Brand Promotion
A fancy virtual assistant with expertise in social media management can be instrumental in enhancing an individual’s or company’s online presence and brand image. Their ability to curate visually appealing content, write engaging captions, and interact with followers in a polished manner can help build a strong social media following and increase brand visibility.

Unlock the power of a dependable assistant and reclaim your valuable time effortlessly.

We will get you set up with Kiersten who’ll handle all of your time-consuming tasks that hinder your productivity,
granting you the freedom to concentrate on what truly counts.

It’s not just easier, it’s cost-effective too with potential savings of up to 90% compared to the expenses associated
with hiring a full-time in-office assistant.

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