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We offer Retainer packages, please inquire for prices.

Not ready to commit to a retainer package yet?

Let us help you with a project, or perhaps check out our pay-as-you-go plans, this way you can pay for exactly what you need and it fits your budget. This can be a one-off task, a series of tasks, or a specific project.

Here are some advantages:

  • No long-term committment
  • Trial Opportunity
  • Motivation Boost

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Here are the Pay as you Go options that may be a better fit for you:

VA tasks Only

  • 5 hours – $150.00
  • 10 hours – $300.00
  • 20 hours – $600.00
  • 30 hours – $900.00
  • 40 hours – $1200.00

Pay As you go

Social Media – 30 days of content creation and scheduling only (includes graphics and content)

  • 5 hours – $150.00
  • 1 Account – $500.00
  • 2 Accounts – $700.00
  • 3 Accounts – $900.00
  • 4 Accounts – $1100.00

What is the difference between a monthly plan and a pay-as-you-go plan?

Monthly plans you can integrate social media, VA tasks, and technical tasks to support your hours. Monthly plans come with a dedicated Fancy Assistant while pay-as-you-go your assistant may vary.

Whether you’re interested in a retainer, project, or pay-as-you-go let’s chat about it, click the link to schedule a free consultation.

To receive corporate pricing, contact us for more information and how we can best serve you.