About me

Hi There!

I’m Candace P. Thomas

a 39-year-old from Memphis, TN. Family is everything to me, we all we got so let’s make the best of it, right! I have a wonderful and supportive husband and 4 beautiful children, a very interesting group of people. We are so different, yet our laughs carry our commonalities and our good days, outweigh our bad days. I love to travel, one of my favorite places to visit is Florida. When I do un-wind, I like to have a nice glass of wine and watch good ole’ Netflix. I wish for all of YOUR dreams to come true, stay original & be intentional.

I married a wonderful man, whom is the apple of my eye, the wind beneath my wings, my motivation beyond the greatest. Del Thomas is also an entrepreneur, his ideas are amazing, it’s a joy to watch your love ones succeed. Our personal hype guy encourages all of us to reach for the stars, go beyond the sights, and pursue life with full-force. Del is a thinker, he will think of a hundred master plans in a day and will have me to attempt to do the ground work, LOL. I love the entrepreneur in him, that is one of the things that has drawn us together, being with another entrepreneur helps the vision come to light. HIs nick name is Mysta Lucky, you may see me referring to him as Mysta, he is an entertainer. He enjoys rapping, performing or talking in front of large crowds at any given time, he is the person who takes charge in any situation. His strength is amazing, his love for his family is undying, and his willingness to provide for our family is priceless. The love of my life in human form has came into my life, my heart and invaded my world for the better.

 During the day-time, I home school the youngest “Scarlett Penelope” whom is 6 years old. Our days are filled with progression, accepting, and discovering new possibilities. She just loves watching kids play on YouTube, creating or playing with slime and hanging with her bestie @Malsies. Scarlett AKA Penny, home schools during the day, and cuddles with me for the night. She has adapted from a brick-n-mortar to online learning, the transition has been challenging but we are making strides. We are thankful, blessed and highly favored.

Next up is my golden boy, Freddy Jr, AKA Deuce, he is 7-years-old, shares a room with Penny and loves games. He keeps asking us to make him a YouTube channel, he wants to be a gamer among other things. This child here has the mind of a millionaire, he has this vision all mapped out with a full plan. If he had his way, he will have every game system created, LOL. We are definitely looking forward to seeing  his progress in the basketball league this year. Our only boy is courageous, strong and he never ceases to amaze me, my thinking child, he remind me so much of myself. As a child I was very analytical and not much has changed from that point of view, and it’s a joy to watch him overcome life’s hurdles by applying great judgment and sound decisions.

Our next to the oldest is Dazni, she is 18 years old and is a freshmen at College! Daz enjoys hanging with her dad. Their bond is un-breakable, un-deniable, it’s a joy to watch them interact, it’s definitly the epitome of love. On top of that, she is an UH-mazing dancer and she can also choreograph routines as well! Our #FutureLawyer is pretty as a picture and smarter than the average! The world awaits to meet this one! 

Last, but not least, we have Caitlin, AKA Toot, she loves dancing, singing and INSTAGRAMMIN’! LOL! She starts beauty school in the Spring and plans to become an Esthetician. My babe truly wants to be a socialite, so do me a favor and go to @Cayslay on IG and follow her. It would brighten her day and put a smile on her face. The creative child will rise and shine, help me wish her hugs and love.

So now you have it, this is the family in a nutshell, as life happens, you guys will be the first to know about it. I simply love being a Business Virtual Manager, stay tuned, the Fancy Freelancers Academy is coming soon! Eek! #HappyDay #HappyLife