Meet Fancy Freelancers: Your Trusted Partner in Virtual Assistance

In the vast landscape of virtual assistance, there’s a unique agency that not only offers top-notch services but has a compelling story behind its inception. Meet Fancy Freelancers, a thriving virtual assistant agency founded by Candace Patrice in 2019. Candace’s journey, prompted by a personal challenge, has grown into a business dedicated to providing legit work-from-home opportunities and unparalleled virtual assistance services.






Our Founder’s Story:

Fancy Freelancers was born from adversity when Candace Patrice faced a life-changing event – her youngest child’s diagnosis with a brain tumor. Fueled by the necessity to find a work-from-home career, Candace transformed her challenges into an opportunity to launch a virtual assistant business. This experience not only shaped the agency’s inception but also fueled Candace’s determination to help others find legitimate work-from-home opportunities.






Our Approach:

At Fancy Freelancers, our strategy revolves around connecting business owners with virtual assistants perfectly aligned with their needs. We don’t just view our clients as customers but as partners. We invest time in understanding their businesses, ensuring a seamless integration of our virtual assistants to become the best support system possible.





Services We Offer:

  1. Pinterest, FB, IG, TikTok Ads: Elevate your brand visibility with targeted and effective advertising on major social media platforms.
  2. Technical Support: From troubleshooting to proactive technical assistance, we’ve got your back.
  3. Social Media Management: Let us handle the intricacies of maintaining a vibrant and engaging social media presence.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Harness the power of social media with our strategic marketing approach.
  5. Virtual Assistant Tasks: Delegate your administrative burdens to our team, allowing you to focus on core business activities.
  6. Online Course Creation: Transform your expertise into engaging online courses with our assistance.
  7. Business Strategies: Benefit from our strategic insights to enhance your business performance.
  8. Any Duties in the Admin/Tech Space: No task is too big or small – our virtual assistants are here to support you.
  9. Website Development: Build and optimize your online presence with our expert website development services.





Why Choose Fancy Freelancers:

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises expert virtual assistants selected for their skills, professionalism, and dedication to delivering exceptional results.
  • 24/7 Availability: Your business doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. Our virtual assistants are available round the clock to ensure you always have the support you need.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We pride ourselves on transparency, communication, and accountability, ensuring you’re fully informed about the work we do on your behalf.







At Fancy Freelancers, we believe that your success is the ultimate measure of our own. With a proven track record and a commitment to ongoing professional development, our team is ready to exceed your expectations. Don’t settle for second-best – choose Fancy Freelancers for a virtual assistant service that truly makes a difference.

Ready to take your business to new heights? Explore our services and connect with us today!

For inquiries and collaboration, reach out to us at



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Date Created: January 05, 2024

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Our mission is to empower businesses and entrepreneurs through reliable, cost-effective Virtual Assistants who support their goals, growth, and sustainability.

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