Writer’s block is for the birds, we are trying to get paid and make a decent living. This massive stopper typically reminds me of the plague, it hinders your abilities to push forth an effort to do your best work, and sometimes gives you an actual cramp or bump. The stories are endless, but I have good news, I am going to provide you with writer’s block help, so that you can get paid.

Writer Block Ideas


writers block

Tip # 1- No pressure – Don’t let the pressure get to you

As writers, we give ourselves deadlines and we work with others, and let’s face it most of the time they inject their tight deadlines upon us. If you’re a freelancer, we accept many assignments, we can’t afford to be tapped with a block when our livelihoods depend on it.

Now, some of us work well under pressure, but it merely depends on the situation and the task at hand.

Before you let the pressure rise, switch tasks and trick your mind. Conjure up a new blog post, or title for a book and start brainstorming on this topic. Our brains are wired funny, sometimes our brain gets excited about new ideas, use this to your advantage. Now, ease your mind over to your topic, and begin your keyword search. At this point, you have a list that you can hopefully begin to start writing about.

It’s never easy, but we owe it to ourselves to push past this energy block…


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How to avoid writes block and get paid

Tip # 2 – Distractions, distractions, & distractions – Get rid of them


People are a big distraction, I write in my living room so I can participate with my family, LOL. Seriously, I moved my desk from my cozy office to the common living area due to my oldest moving back in, she needs complete privacy. So, I threw myself into every distraction known to mankind, and I had to figure it out.

As I am writing this blog post after 10 pm, the small children are sleeping, and my husband is at work. This allows my mind to continue without the #1 distraction in my book, people. However, that doesn’t stop the #2 distraction, the best friend of the world wide web. You have probably figured it out, it’s a huge culprit, social media. The pleasant sound is always dinging and buzzing and letting us know someone has posted, tweeted, tagged, mentioned, or messaged us. It’s super distracting and if we keep checking the notifications, it slows down our progress and creates mental blocks.

Silence all notifications, practice discipline, which means, you’re now going to be in full control of your natural decisions. Reward yourself and check it after you have reached a personal goal or milestone with your work unless it’s necessary. Also, social media can engulf us and trap the mind for hours, if you feel this may be an issue, set a timer. The kitchen timer can be multi-functional.

Discipline is key and we must master it…


Writers Block 2

Tip # 3 – Just can’t think – Yes you can

Sometimes our thoughts become jammed about the topic at hand, no matter what we do or how we move, it seems to haunt us without words. Has this ever happened to you? Just me – Sheesh. Some topics do not resonate with me and therefore the “just-can’t-think” syndrome kicks on. I pride myself in being a general writer who can write on any topic but I do want to be interested. It’s not always easy and it may take longer to find, research, and pull inspiration from various sources. It is needed to complete my thoughts, writer’s block is serious and we must find active solutions.

Seasoned writers and some writers who consistently meet their income goal, may choose which projects they accept. The newbie writers aim to earn every coin that is ready to be picked up, it’s a tad bit different.

I’ve known some writers to “Freewrite” it’s a method that’s used to brainstorm, it’s a semi-forced way to explore creativity.

Try to stimulate your mind, think about what motivates creativity, rather it’s smoking a good cigar, having a stimulating conversation with a friend, drinking a cup of hot tea, etc.

It’s okay to take a break, we must refresh to re-start…

Tip # 4 – Fear of Failure – We decrease the fear

Let’s face it, the enemy called self-doubt can haunt us and tear us down mentally, physically, and emotionally. It simply hinders us from greatness, stability, and the ultimate goal. Houston, we have a problem and a big one, so how are we going to solve it? One of my fears when I first started freelancing was pitching, the word terrified me as if I didn’t have a sales background. I have became adapted to working behind the scenes, making the magic happen for someone else. It dawned on me one day, I use freelance platforms to bid for projects, in essence I’ve been pitching and bidding all along.

Facing fear can be challenging, but you will never reach your income goal without marketing yourself.

When I began my freelance journey, I decided to create a business profile, if you’re not sure what one looks like, check out my design below.

This design landed me quite a few gigs and I still use it today, it’s relevant, it’s clean and it boosted my confidence.

There is always more than one way to skin a cat…(not literally)



How to avoid writers block and get paid

Tip # 5 – Silence of the mind

Ideally, we have thousands of thoughts that run through our mind continuously, yet the tip is to silence the mind. Sounds difficult, but it works, according to Ommwriter, the writer’s block generator, they state this method is better for your concentration. As a matter of fact, they also claim you could be inspired for mental stimulation.

Some people like to listen to the soft waves on the beach, or they may have a noise machine that relaxes the mind, me on the other hand, I listen to Netflix. I usually, find an interesting show or movie and I listen for  background noise which eliminates common distractions.

Everything doesn’t work for everybody, so the next time you feel writer’s block approaching, try some of these methods. Let me know, I would love to check your blog out! Check-in with me in the comment section below. As always, stay in touch with us, if you want more content just like this, please subscribe to receive our weekly blog posts.

My name is Candace, I’m a Freelance Writer and I specialize in SEO with an emphasis in Graphic Design, I would love to help you start your journey!

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