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Updated: 02/18/2020

I get asked this question a lot, how to blog, and it’s very simple, I’ll tell you how. I normally respond by saying, a blog is writing on a subject matter that you’re interested in sharing your insights. Now, it does depend on what type of blog you’re interested in writing. For example, you’re reading a How-to-blog article which is also the center of the blog itself.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that displays written content focused on a particular subject, which could be from a personal or professional point-of-view. Writing can be on one topic or several topics, you don’t have to be an expert on the given topic. However, you should provide useful, helpful or interesting information people would want to read about. Simple, right?

Personal Blogs vs Business Blogs

A personal blog can be started on several free websites, I started one years ago on blogger.com. The platform was fairly easy and I didn’t have many challenges when I first began. The blog you are currently reading is now on WordPress, over the years I’ve learned to build websites and it’s much better than a drop and go. Customization is key and the beauty shines bright, which makes the difference between a trashy website and a classy website.

Business blogs are extremely versatile, businesses could increase major traffic by electing to utilize the advantages of SEO. Now, this could be for your own business or you could ghost write, contract, or be an employee of a business. Many businesses look for writers to construct many different tasks aside from blogging, so the chances for more work is extremely promising.

Let’s get you set up.

Follow these 6 steps to create your blog:

  • Pick a blog name
  • Choose a Platform
  • Customize your blog
  • Create your content
  • Publish your post
  • Promote your blog

Those simple steps will create a blog post for you, and you should create a Blog schedule which will include topics to want to express creatively. This includes keyword search and perhaps word count for starters. Now when you are ready to blog again, which I recommend writing daily, you will minimize your research time. As you will come to realize, time is money and some of the companies you may choose to work for could offer you dream pay.

Now, if you’re ready to be profitable, then there is a bit more effort that goes into your writing. As you will always write to your best, some magazines, or businesses may prefer you to be writing in a certain niche.

How do I get in the industry?

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to be in the Real Estate industry, you will create articles or written correspondence. This will serve as your proof of work, seek and follow the businesses on social media that you would like to be considered.

Fancy up your business profile, make sure your pitch is error-free, and attach or submit your samples. Afterwards put some good energy in the air and send it on it’s way.

You don’t have to quit your day job to become a blogger, you just need to start pounding out the grunt work to make it happen. This means that you either can niche down or you can stay general, your choice. Still, you must create a platform for your potential clients or customers to visit.

Do you like this website? If so, I have a great deal for #BloggersOnly, if you are ready to get started, check out the Blog Bundle Deal.

Is blogging for you? Maybe so, check out my next article, How to start blogging?

The world awaits you….

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