Honeybook with Fancy Freelancers

Done For You VIP Day


We are excited to present this proposal for our Honeybook Setup Services. At Fancy Freelancers, we understand the importance of streamlining your business processes and saving you time. With our expertise in Honeybook, we aim to set up customized workflows and automation to enhance your efficiency and improve client management.

Our Process

Milestone 1

We provide a detailed form that must be completed by the client within the first 10 days of your setup.

Milestone 2

We setup and test run for approval of your setup 

Milestone 3
You successful onboard and offboard your client with ease.

Pivot with Honeybooks (DFY)

We offer a full day setup rate where our team dives into your system and lays the foundation for all of the essentials!

  • 2 multi-step automated workflows
  • 1 Appointment type for automated client scheduling (i.e – Discovery Call)
  • Upload Your Email Templates -Upload/Create 2 Proposal Templates
  • Upload/Create 2 Questionnaires
  • Upload 2 Contracts (you must provide)
  • Upload/Create 1 Lead Capture Forms
  • Upload 3 Package Templates
  • Create applicable custom smart fields -Customize Pipeline
  • All designed to reflect your brand settings (colors, logo, imagery, fonts)
  • 1 customized training video specific to your system setup
  • 14 days’ support following delivery.


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