Hey there! I’m Candace P Thomas and I’m a freelance Copywriter and Blogger! #Writer-For-Hire

I am so glad you’re here, you’ve come to a place where creativity launches greatness!

I’ve been creating compelling, thought-provoking, and at times, mind-blowing content for years. For the past fifteen years, I’ve freelanced part-time as a side hustle, but things have changed dramatically and I have decided to pursue freelance full-time. Stay tuned for the video on why I decided to pursue a writing career.

Fancy Freelancers is a content agency; which means we have a team of writers, readily available to assist upon request. Our team delivers quality work and we understand the value and effectiveness of storytelling. We have several services that we offer, from creating a business document to developing your very own online course.

We also help our aspiring, part-time, and full-time writers along the way! Our blog is dedicated to our fellow #BlogFancyFriends, we share all of our tips, tried, and true methods to ensure you are receiving a ton of knowledge. Every week we will drop new info just-for-you, please subscribe to stay connected!

Are you guys ready to level up?! If the answer is yes, then you should check out How to Blog?

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Our mission is to empower businesses and entrepreneurs through reliable, cost-effective Virtual Assistants who support their goals, growth, and sustainability.

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