You’re wanting to blog but not sure where to start? Totally understandable, first things first, let’s look at your past experiences and/or education and start from there.

Review Your Skills

For example, I’ve worked several jobs over the last 24 years, so I used a combination of sales, marketing, and administrative skills to create a side hustle. Over the past couple of years, I’ve picked up Web Development, Web Design and I managed a business from customer service to Chief Executive Officer. So, I combined the skills I enjoyed and decided to use those as a base to operate Fancy Freelancers, you can view our services here, this will give you a better idea on the services I provide.

Ask yourself a few questions

  • What am I good at doing?
  • When people compliment me, what do they notice?
  • What are my natural abilities?
  • What is my passion?
  • What can I not live without? (Besides your loved ones)

If you have any old resumes, take a thorough look and this should help you find skills that will be marketable to the public. Once you hammer those thoughts, check out How to blog to keep pushing forward.

Further Your Knowledge

Using your resources to better your current skills is critical in this line of work. You may be wondering, how can I better my skills.

  • You can take writing classes
  • Try Hubspot for training
  • Follow your favorite Blogger or Vlogger ?
  • Practice, Practice & Practice
  • Take some pro-bono projects to increase your skill set level

It’s one thing to acknowledge your talents and gifts but we should always stay sharp. This industry is tough, there are 4 levels primarily to each skill set.

You’re either a novice, intermediate, professional or an expert.

A novice is a beginner, someone who is brand new and you’re learning from the bottom.

Intermediate, means you have some experience in the industry but you’re not quite a professional. I classify myself as an intermediate Graphic Designer, granted I have a couple years under my belt, but I am still applying pressure to become the best.

Professional means the expectation is super high, and your client will assume you have the abilities needed to smash the project.

An Expert means you supersede all the above levels, and no one can stand a candle against you. You got it down packed.

If you’re not an expert don’t feel discouraged, I’m not an expert in every single skill but I do consider myself a professional Freelance Writer. It doesn’t matter where you are, stay with Fancy Freelancers blog and we will be sure to provide you with the latest tips and knowledge.

Learn to be Disciplined

This can take some time if you haven’t already mastered it, I became more disciplined when I enrolled into online college. It was a crash course in getting your *ish together, there was no one over me nor monitoring me to complete any of my coursework. I had to follow a plan and stick with it and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to get organized by:

  • Removing ALL self-doubt (no sabotage in sight)
  • Setting Alarms to switch tasks
  • Create a weekly to-do list
  • Sort the tasks into daily tasks
  • Recognize your weaknesses
  • Carve out me-time *Very Important*

This is not all inclusive, but it has helped me to take control of my life and to eliminate time-wasting habits.

Hopefully this blog post has helped you, leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Are you ready to get started #BlogFancyFriends?

Remember, time waits for no one…..

Stay plugged-in for our next blog post, How to discover your niche?

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